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This category is open to campaigns of any size conducted by any company in the sector that employs ‘thought leadership’ as a key plank.

In common with the other campaign categories, this is suitable for campaigns employing one or more communication channels. The winner is likely to show a high degree of sophistication, and integration both with other marketing elements and with the organsiation’s other activity (sales, operations etc).

While the creative matters, and must be coherent with the brand and the audience, the effectiveness of the campaign, the ROI, and the value for money will be paramount.

As with other communication categories, entrants should demonstrate effectiveness against the following criteria:

  • There are clear objectives for the communication and these are linked to the organisation’s overall marketing objectives, and that the audience is well defined and researched.
  • The choice of topic/issue was strategic and suitable, in line with the company’s positioning
  • The content generated is of a high quality and has contributed to the debate around the issue concerned – it has had an impact.
  • That the communication was cost effective in relation to the level of success, with a clear demonstration of ROI.
  • And most importantly that the objectives were measurably achieved (or exceeded) and that the campaign can be shown to have succeeded.

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