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Being a Judge on the Construction Marketing Awards is a position of some responsibility. The Awards are well established, prestigious, and highly competitive. The entrants take them very seriously indeed, and we have, over the years, built a judging process that provides a rigorously fair level playing field for all.

The judges are all experienced marketers with a connection to construction, many have themselves won Construction Marketing Awards. They are a mix of senior client side or agency marketers – which brings a balanced view and understanding of the entries they are asked to evaluate.

Judges do not judge all entries, each category has a panel of three judges to decide it, and judges will be involved in three to five categories, depending on the number of entries in each, and the conflicts that might arise.

Judges are not permitted to judge a category if:

  • they or their employer are involved in one of the entries in it
  • one of the entrants has asked for them to be excluded from judging their entry
  • they have a close association with any of the people or companies involved with any of the entries

This means that, if any of the conditions above are true, that particular judge will not be on the panel for that category, and that when the category is discussed during the judging meeting, they will be excluded from that discussion and asked to leave the room.

Judges spend a considerable amount of time individually scoring the entries against the criteria given for them, which are those listed against the category on this website. They then discuss their scoring with their fellow judges on the panel with the aim of reaching consensus on the list of finalists and, eventually, the winner. This will then be put forward as a recommendation to the full panel – minus those judges excluded by the conditions above – for adoption. If the panel can’t reach a consensus the full panel assist them by discussing the entries, and asking questions.

If the category is one of those decided at interview, then the panel will convene on the interview date and meet with the entrants. They will ask a number of questions, some common to all interviews and some just for the one they are in. This is designed to enable the judges to compare the interviewees fairly and to a common set of information. The decision on who has won is then made on the combined information acquired through the original entry and the interview.

Throughout the process our experienced team make sure that the wishes of the entrants and the confidentiality of the entries is respected, and that the judging process is rigorous and fair.

If you would like more information on the judging process, please contact us.