Here are half a dozen reasons why entering the awards are a good idea: 6 good reasons for entering the Construction Marketing Awards


  1. Raising the profile of marketing as an important business function
    By entering the Construction Marketing Awards you are demonstrating the value you give marketing. It is a chance to showcase the best work from your department to your wider business. It will boost the morale of your team and show the company how their efforts contribute to the business.
  1. Demonstrate how marketing has helped drive business
    Compiling and submitting an entry is your chance to demonstrate the competence of your team and show how their work helps drive new business. When entering you will need to pull together important measurements and ROI, all of which you can share internally to cement the importance of marketing in the broader business strategy and ultimately to the bottom line.
  1. Boost the morale of your team and show they are valued
    Entering the CMAs offers the chance to say thank you to your team, to acknowledge their hard work and achievements. It is also a chance to take the team out and celebrate. And, with the Gala Dinner being close to end of the year you can make it your departments Christmas party!
  1. Benchmark your marketing efforts
    You can use the Construction Marketing Awards to demonstrate how your marketing efforts measure up against others. Every year the number of entries to the Construction Marketing Awards grows, so even being shortlisted is a sign of success. To be a winner or gain a highly commended is a real mark of how you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Just think of the PR mileage winning an award gives!
  1. Gain industry recognition
    Winning an award can raise your marketing teams’ efforts beyond the parameters of your own company. It means you can showcase your marketing campaigns, gaining recognition and admiration from the wider construction community, and other leading marketers.
  1. Celebrate the construction industry
    And finally, by entering your campaign it shows your support for construction. It demonstrates the good marketing efforts that are taking place to improve the image of construction. How the industry can deliver marketing on a par with other sectors, providing sophisticated marketing solutions that are tailored to a complex marketplace.

Don’t miss your opportunity to enter!

The Construction Marketing Awards showcase the construction industry’s effectiveness in marketing, raising the profile of marketing professionals and their achievements. Just think of what you could gain by entering.

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