Your entry should contain the following information:

  • Outline the marketing objectives and how they fit with the overall business objectives
  • Outline the strategy developed and the reasons for its formulation.
    If a choice of campaign type or style is made at this point, please explain the choices made.
  • Detail the implementation process
  • What were the results? Please provide any financial or audience response data you can, it will aid your entry and be kept confidential by the Judging Panel

Address each of the bullet points defined in the category you are entering.

Objective setting & achievement

Entries are required to state clearly the marketing objectives arrived
at prior to the development of the campaign, and show how these have been
achieved. Winning entries are likely to be able to prove their impact with
robust measurement tools such as financial results or audience research.
Additionally winners will be able to show how the marketing objectives
aid the achievement of the overall business objectives.

Strategy development
Those who can demonstrate a clear, well-formed and communicated strategy
which aids the achievement of marketing objectives will be at an advantage.

Tactical implementation
Entries should demonstrate a methodical approach to implementation, with
special emphasis on measurement and control / feedback tools.

Winners are likely to show significant creativity at all stages and not
just in the ‘creative’.

No prizes will be given for throwing money at problems. Winners will be
able to demonstrate the value of the programme to their company, and benchmark
against other marketing activity. Particular emphasis will be placed by Judges on looking for cost-effective marketing practice.