Is there a charge for entering the awards?

The Construction Marketing Awards are £110 + VAT per entry.

For any of your entries to progress to the shortlist we will require payment of the outstanding entry fee + VAT immediately after your entry has been submitted.

How do I enter?

There is an online entry form. You can start your entry, save and come back to it. You can create more than one entry for more than one category in parallel and upload multiple files to support your entry.

When should projects have been completed to be valid for entry?

Projects entered should have been completed between June 2023 and August 2024.

For category 11. Best Branding & Positioning, any projects entered should have been completed between June 2022 and August 2024.

Who should enter?

Entries are invited from any team or individual responsible for marketing and / or business development strategy within the Construction and Built Environment supply chain. This includes companies involved in materials supply or manufacture, building or infrastructure design, build, maintenance, engineering, consulting service or solutions provider in the Built Environment sector.

What must be included in an entry?

  • A high resolution, 300 dpi, version of your company logo
  • Your 1,000 word entry
  • Your 200 word entry
  • A one pager that summarises/illustrates your entry. This one pager is to be A4 portrait, saved as a pdf. To be reproduced, for the winners, in the awards brochure.
  • Cost details and ROI
  • Supporting material: photographs and/ or other graphic images that illustrate your entry in any way is encouraged
  • At least one photo or image provided should be in high resolution, 300 dpi, for potential reproduction in the awards brochure
  • For Young Marketer of the Year category a photograph portrait

Am I allowed to enter more than one award category?

There are 28 categories and you can enter as many categories as you wish. View the categories

And if you are entering the Small Agency of the Year, Agency of the Year or PR Agency of the Year categories be prepared to present your entry to judges. For the Young Marketer and Emerging Agency Star categories we will need the person’s manager, or a company director/senior manager to attend at the beginning.

The interviews for those categories being interviewed will be online (via Zoom or similar) if you are shortlisted The date of this is TBC. Full details will be sent to all those shortlisted.

We may opt to decide more categories by interview, if required, you will be notified shortly after the shortlist is published.

Once you have set up an entry for one category in the online entry form it is possible to duplicate the entry and edit it for an alternative category. When doing this make sure to check the entry criteria for each category.

How easy is it to use the online entry system? What if I need technical support?

The online entry system uses software specifically designed for awards entries and has been tailored for the Construction Marketing Awards. It is intuitive, with entrants able to save and come back to complete their online entry form in stages. There are guidance notes to help you complete your entry and the system allows you to upload supporting material in multiple file formats.

The software provides some help for entrants. If you’re having difficulty with the entry submission process, please get in touch with us on 020 3714 4240.

Is there any guidance for completing an entry for the Construction Marketing Awards?

First and foremost please ensure you have read the Rules of Entry 2024

Under the how to enter section on our website we have a number of further sources of information to help:

Also make sure to check the entry criteria for each category. View the categories

What age do you have to be to enter the Young Marketer of the Year award?

The entrant must be under the age of 35 on July 31, 2024. You can enter yourself, or be entered by your company or line manager. Entries should be countersigned by the individual’s manager.

When do the entries close?

Deadline for receipt of entries is Friday 20th September 2024

Will there be an extension to the entry deadline?

Entrants often ask for more time to finalise their entry. Deadline extensions are given at the discretion of the organisers, as ample time needs to be given to the judges to review all entries thoroughly prior to our judging day.

It is best to ensure you have started all your entries online, so the organisers can have sight of what is in progress. Please contact us to ensure you have notified us of your request for an extension.

Who Judges the awards?

Our Judging panel are made up of industry experts who have a wealth of marketing experience. They know the construction sector and also what is best practice when it comes to marketing expertise.

Find out more about the judging panel

How are the awards judged?

Judging is a two-step process. With Judges reviewing entries online, and assessing against a set criteria, scoring accordingly. The next step is a formal judging meeting where this assessment is reviewed for fairness. This meeting is overseen by the Chair of Judges to ensure impartiality. During all stages judges are only able to view entries for their allocated category. At no point are they able to view entries from other categories. This ensures judging remains impartial. Learn more here

What if one of the judges is working for a competitor company?

A lot of care is taken when selecting our judging panel. We work hard to ensure the judging of the Construction Marketing Awards remains impartial.

We take care when allocating judging responsibilities for award categories, ensuring there is no conflict of interest with the judges for those entries. As part of the online entry form you can also raise any issues, so flagging this to the organisers.

Part of our award entry will contain confidential information. Will this be kept secure?

Your full entry will only be shared with the judges for the category entered. We take care when allocating judging responsibilities for award categories, ensuring there is no conflict of interest with the judges for those entries.

As part of your entry we ask you to provide a one pager summarising your entry information. As well as acting as a useful reference tool for the judges the awards organisers use this, for all shortlisted entrants, for publication in the awards brochure and as part of the presentation on the evening of the Gala Awards dinner. This information therefore should not contain any commercially sensitive information.

Your award entry summary

Please be aware that ALL winning entry summary’s and one pager A4 poster will be displayed at the awards ceremony and FOR PUBLICATION IN THE WINNER BOOK IF YOU WIN

When is the shortlist announced?

Judging will take place mid October and shortlisted entries will be notified and published on this website at the end of October.

All those shortlisted will be asked to create their own slide for the awards presentation, to our template.

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala Dinner on Tuesday 3rd December 2024.