Specifically, this is about using a website, either your company’s main site, or a campaign specific microsite, to communicate with your customers and prospects.

Here, the quality of creative and tech matters, with importance placed by judges on look and feel, and how they relate to their market, and on navigation, optimisation, and other design and technical aspects.

A winner in this category is likely to be able to show sophisticated success measurement, and strong customer engagement and usage.

As with other communication categories, entrants should demonstrate effectiveness against the following criteria:

  • There are clear objectives for the communication and these are linked
    to the company’s overall marketing objectives.
  • The audience is well defined and researched.
  • The communication is innovative and creatively designed for that target audience.
  • That the communication was cost effective in relation to the level of success, with a clear demonstration of ROI.
  • And most importantly that the objectives were measurably achieved (or exceeded) and that the campaign can be shown to have succeeded.

Please Note – in this category measurements of traffic and engagement from Google Analytics, or some other measurement system is required. You will lose judging points if you do not provide some such measures.

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