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The environment is the biggest issue on the agenda for construction marketers, according to the recently launched Horizon 2024 report from the SLG Agency.

More than 80 per cent of the 150 senior marketers surveyed said “sustainability” will feature within their content schedules over the next year.

“Net zero targets” and “green building materials” are the next two biggest issues on the agenda for marketers across the built environment says the report.

SLG’s annual “deep dive” into market conditions, confidence levels, and strategic planning also highlighted ongoing market uncertainty across construction marketers but 41 per cent of those surveyed said they are increasing their budgets this year and plan to run more campaigns than ever.

“Marketers remain buoyant about what 2024 is likely to bring for their teams, their organisations, and the market at large,” said Ryan Jones, SLG’s Managing Director.

“Indeed, the signs from the large Tier 1 contractors and design & build practices is that the demand is there awaiting lower interest rates and a general election.”

To download a free copy of Horizon 2024, follow this link