The use of research and insight to help form, guide, and monitor marketing strategy and campaigns is a key element of marketing success.

Here we are looking for excellence in the execution or commissioning of such research, and its application to an issue or opportunity which has driven corporate benefit – either in terms of enhanced bottom line, or through changing perceptions or attitudes, or through reaching some other corporate goal.

This category is for research and insight that has made a difference.

  • An identification of a market knowledge gap or a requirement to improve understanding – proper formulation of an insight strategy.
  • The production of a research plan which seeks to fill the knowledge gap and enable decision making and action.
  • The application of market research, of any kind, in a structured way to deliver the insight. We expect high quality application of research technique, together with innovation and creativity.
  • Thoughtful analysis and interpretation, leading to clear recommendations that become part of the marketing strategy.
  • An indication that the process has made a difference – decisions made, actions taken and results delivered.
  • An indication of cost versus benefit, with a clear demonstration of ROI and how the research has impacted on the business and/or marketing strategy.

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