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Get even more from your content marketing

By June 8, 2021July 8th, 2021CMA News

As our webinar on June 8, 2021, discussed, content marketing is not always a well understood tool. But it’s so much more than posting a few blogs. And, as the BarbourABI team explained, you can use a few simple techniques to get a lot more from your efforts.

Kate Perrin told us about Gary Vee – entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who created the “pillar content” model content strategy. She explained how she saw how it could work for B2B, took the parts applicable to the BarbourABI business model, and managed to get got better reach without scaling resources.

Simply put, you use a piece of “pillar content”, usually a long-form article of video, then create small pieces of “micro” content by using extracts. This gives you many more points of impact for the same content creatiion effort.

An example was the Economic & Construction Market Review – a report compiled monthly, which gives data and analysis on the sector. Taking this report, making the information in it more visual, creates a whole set of pieces of micro-content which can be shared. When this is married to a deep understanding of customer and prospect data, so that content and consumer can be matched, this creates a powerful way to keep engagement growing.

Unsurprisingly, BarbourABI have had some great results, which they shared during the webinar, where they have increased engagement using existing resources.


  • Kate Perrin – Marketing Director, Barbour ABI
  • Lucy Thomas – Head of Marketing, Barbour ABI
  • Peter Chesters – Content Marketing Executive, Barbour ABI
  • David Serrano – Acquisition Marketing Manager, Barbour ABI